Gritz Pools was started in 1963 by Henry Gritz. Henry, originally from Philadelphia, moved to Chester County in 1962 to start a better life for his children. Henry saw Chester County as an ideal market for the new concept of a modular vinyl pool that everyone could afford. He started out as a franchisee, but didn’t like the restrictions. He decided he could manufacture and build a pool better than anyone else had ever done. He began manufacturing pool walls out of pressure treated wood. Eventually he realized that galvanized steel would be a better material, and began manufacturing wall panels. Henry always thought that he could build a pool better and more economical. He refused to use subcontractors. He was always on site to oversee every pool.

Over the years, Henry designed and manufactured pool panels, diving stands, filter tanks, coping, and everything else imaginable for his pools. For 22 years Henry grew the business, and installed over 1,500 pools in the area. In 1984, at the age of 71, he decided it was time to retire and enjoy his passion: Art. He bought an RV, and as soon as his son Mark graduated from Drexel University, he took off across the country to pursue his passion for finding and creating art, and left the business for his son.

Mark took over the business with a different perspective in mind. Henry had focused on building a few basic models, and tried to keep the options limited. Mark wanted to create a more custom pool and be more flexible in the changing market. Mark no longer wanted to manufacture his own pool components, so he set out to find the best manufacturers to provide the best components, and started concentrating on what he knew best, the construction.

Gritz Pools is now building one of the most state of the art vinyl in ground pools available. We will still continue to use no subcontractors and Mark continues to oversee the entire construction process.