We are dedicated to providing the best possible pool at the best possible price. The key to this is in the structure of the pool. Your swimming pool structure begins with a cauldron of molten steel where bright yellow copper is added to heighten its natural resistance to corrosion. Once forged into 14 gauge sheets, it’s further armored with G235 heavy 2.5 ounce per square foot coating of zinc galvanizing.

Steel is the material of choice for a swimming pool because it is strong and flexible – especially important in temperature climates where the earth moves during the freeze/thaw rhythm of cold nights and sunny winter days. How good is steel: Look around. Bridges railroad tracks, highway guard rails – exposed to the elements for decades, some as long as a century or more; are still performing faithfully.

Steel wall swimming pools have a history that spans more than five decades. It’s a history that proves the material and design of your pool is efficient, consistent, and economical.

The manufacturer is just as important as the materials. We are proud to say that our pool structure is manufactured by Cardinal Systems, Inc., perhaps the most technologically sophisticated manufacturer of steel wall inground pools in the United States, perhaps the world.

Additionally, our pool liners and replacement liners are manufactured by the prestigious company Pen-Fab. Click here to visit their website where they show the colors and patterns available for your pool.

Gritz Pools offers many standard shapes and sizes. If our standard styles don’t suit you we can customize!