AquaMend Underwater Repair Epoxy Putty


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AquaMend Epoxy Putty Stick is a hand-knead-able, fast-setting, fiberglass-reinforced polymer compound for permanent repairs to many surfaces including fiberglass, concrete, glass, ceramics, metals, wood, and many plastics. This underwater repair epoxy putty comes in a handy “Tootsie-roll®” form with the curing agent encapsulated in the contrasting color base material.

Repair cracks in spas, hot tubs, pools, etc.

  • Patch dings, scratches, cuts and gouges in fiberglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls.
  •  Rebuild body damage to surfboards, jet skis and other marine recreational equipment.
  •  Seal leaks in water tanks.
  •  Form custom gaskets.
  •  Repair loose or cracked wall or floor tiles.

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