FIBER CLEAR Pure Cellulose Filtration Media


Fiber Clear™. The Original! Accept No Substitutes. The Natural Alternative to Diatomaceous Earth.

Now you can use safer and more efficient pool filtration media and have a cleaner, clearer and more vibrant appearance to your pool and spa.

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  • The Safe Alternative to D.E.Fiber Clear is the safe and efficient alternative to Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Made from all-natural and 100% safe cellulose plant fiber, Fiber Clear is a powdered filtration media, designed to be used as a replacement for DE in a DE filter. Fiber Clear is completely biodegradable and organic, and offers a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to DE. It even enhances filter performance and extends the life of DE filters!
  • Enhances Filter Performance
    When used as a replacement in DE filters, Fiber Clear is capable of filtering out particles as small as 1-2 microns in size, 100 times smaller than an average grain of sand!
  • More Efficient Media
    Just one 3-pound bag of Fiber Clear is equivalent to approximately 25 pounds of DE, meaning you save time and money with Fiber Clear.
  • 100% Safe and All-Natural
    Made from the plant fiber cellulose, Fiber Clear is an all-natural and organic powder that decomposes naturally and requires no safety precautions or masks when handling.
  • Leaves Your Pool Water Sparkling
    Fiber Clear does more than filters out particles, it actually polishes your water, leaving it fresh and sparkling clear!Diatomaceous Earth filters are generally considered to be the most efficient filters on the market, but some people may not like to deal with the DE powder because it can be harmful if inhaled and some states have regulations on safe disposal of used DE. Fiber Clear provides a safe alternative, that also has its own advantages over regular DE filter media.

    Fiber Clear is made from powdered cellulose fiber, an all-natural and totally biodegradable organic material. Because it is organic and decomposes quickly, Fiber Clear can be disposed of through waterways or sanitation systems. Unlike DE, Fiber Clear is completely safe, and does not require masks or precautions when handling.

    Aside from being safe and organic, Fiber Clear also greatly enhances the performance of all types of filters! When used as a replacement for diatomaceous earth in DE filters, Filter Clear provides longer filter runs, reduced water consumption, lower conditioner replacement, and reduced heat loss. It is also much more efficient, meaning you use approximately 4 times less Fiber Clear than DE. When used in cartridge and high-rate sand filters, Fiber Clear also greatly increases filter efficiency. Fiber Clear allows these types of filters to remove particles as small as 1-2 microns in size, and protects the filter media from becoming saturated.


How much Fiber Clear do I need?


  • If you are replacing the diatomaceous earth in your DE filter, you should use approximately one-fourth the amount of what you normally would use of DE powder. In cartridge or high-rate sand filters, you only need a small amount.

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