“We put a Gritz pool in, in 1976. It was the best investment we ever made!! The company was then owned and run by Henry Gritz, the present owner’s father — a true genius who even designed and built his own filters. He truly cared about his product. Our experience with Gritz has been always been positive. We finally replaced the filter and have had two new liners since. I go there for chlorine and chemicals and have always gotten great advice when I had a problem. We recently bought a second house with a pool and had Gritz Pools come to close it and get us a good cover. They will be reinstalling the filter because a crappy job was done by another company when the filter was installed. They will also be our choice when a new liner needs to be installed and a faulty wall is repaired. I would recommend Gritz Pools to anyone. They have the experience and truly know what they are doing.”

Kay R.